Boost Bags for Kids – FISH Pantry

FISH Hospitality Pantries provides groceries to over 7,000 families in the Knoxville area each month. And for the nearly  600 children who visit one of our three Knoxville food pantries each month, we distribute Kids BOOST food bags, especially created to address the nutritional needs of children.

When Hana Mirani visited FISH Pantry there was an instant recognition of the amazing work they do to provide fresh, nutritious groceries to those in need in the community. FISH provides food no-questions-asked. If a person or family needs food they can get it at FISH. There is no qualifying, questions or judgement. As we toured their facility and saw the work of the staff and volunteers we knew FISH was an organization we wanted to support.

One area in particular touched Mrs. Mirani. FISH provides Boost Bags for the children.
Here our friend Emma explains what goes into each Boost Bag:

Good nutrition during childhood is essential to the growth and development of children’s brains and bodies. If certain vitamins and minerals are missing at crucial times in their growing years, children will never reach their full potentials. That’s why the youngest guests at our Northwest, East, and South Knoxville FISH Hospitality Pantries receive child-sized BOOST bags. Each bag contains nutritious and delicious kid-friendly items, such as apples, grapes, strawberries, granola or fruit bars, vitamin-rich yogurt push-ups, apple juice, milk, string cheese, and raisins. The BOOST program is unusual due to the quality of the foods kids receive. To ensure that our young guests get the biggest possible boost of nutrition, we only pack the bags with items made with healthy ingredients (no dyes, artificial additives, or high fructose corn syrup). Keeping our BOOST bags filled with typically more costly and delicious foods requires financial contributions from the community. We are thankful for all of our generous supporters and invite others to join this important effort. Together we can ensure that our youngest guests continue to get the nutritional boost needed to grow, learn, and thrive.

We were more than happy to provide funds for 200 Boost Bags and we’re sure to continue supporting this important project and organization.

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