2018 Visit to ASHA for Education Mumbai

I was fortunate to be able to make a trip home to Mumbai again this year. Visiting with family and old friends and reconnecting with the place of my birth is always rejuvenating and grounding.  Each winter I hope to make the pilgrimage home and to escape the cooler weather of my adopted home in Tennessee. I have lived in the states for a few decades now but have never fully acclimated to the cold.

The trip home also gave the opportunity to check in with my friends at ASHA for Education’s Mumbai locations. Yes! Locations, plural! The Mumbai chapter has had such great success that they have been able to open a second location and now serve over 100 students. I am so fortunate to be able support such a worthy organization through the Mirani Foundation. ASAH for Education provides much needed resources that help the poorest children break the cycle of poverty through education opportunities that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

In the video below you’ll hear how ASHA has helped this particular group of students gain skills and education that they’ll be able to use as they grow to be productive adults.

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