Support for Arts Education

Dear Mirani Foundation, We made it thanks to you. I want to take this time to thank you for your generous support of our student artists by participating in the purchase of art supplies for our studio. Our student artists will be using the art materials to further develop their craftsmanship in their artworks. The ability to provide various mediums to student artists as they progress in their work allows them to explore their creativity and make personally meaningful artwork. Thank you again for your generous support. With gratitude,
Mr. Bayiates 

The Mirani Foundation’s 3 pillars are health, education and social justice. We are committed to helping teachers directly whenever possible. One classroom in our home town of Knoxville, Tennessee received our support recently. Mr. Bayiates art program at Vine Middle Magnet School  needed supplies to help the kids learn art and create beautiful works from their rich imagination. Arts education is so important for a well rounded learning experience. Vine Middle Magnet School serves a community that is predominately low income, black and latino. The majority of students are from a community troubled with gun violence and poverty. This makes art education and creative expression crucial for the children to process their environment in positive ways.

We were very happy to have the opportunity to support this classroom project through Donors Choose and especially happy that we were able to offer our support during a matching program that allowed our imapct to be doubled.  Thanks to our support and the support of several others, Mr. Bayiates’ project was fully funded in just a matter of days.

Thank you Mr. Bayiates for inspiring the next generation of artists and thinkers.

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