Project Grad 2016

Project Grad

Project Grad started with a pilot project with Austin East and Fulton High school. We started with 20 plus students at Austin East and about a dozen students at Fulton High School. The teachers thought these students would be the best students for Project Grad. The essay topic was race relations. While we have made tremendous progress as a nation with race relations we still have a long way to go. This nation is a beacon of the human hope. Dr. Mirani feels if this country falters in race relations we are in big trouble.

Of the over 30 students who were chosen to participate only 2 students from each school chose to participate in Project Grad. Since the number of students dropped so drastically Dr. Mirani was given the choice to hold off until next year. He thought about it and decided the Foundation has the money and he is committed to Project Grad. He found 4 panelists for the essay competition.

We got the essays and graded them and there was a personal presentation. We all unanimously decided on the winner for each school. There was one guy and one girl for each school. The girls from each school won the contest. Because there were only 2 from each school Haresh decided to add to the funds to give $100 Barnes and Noble gift card to the runner ups.

The 2 girls are both going to college and the funds will be sent directly from the Foundation to the college. One student is going to UTK and the other is going to MTSU.

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