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The pandemic isn’t going away. As our country, the U.S.,  continues its downward spiral (almost 200,000 Americans dead and counting. One more dies each minute); the Mirani Foundation is continuously thinking, how else can we help?! What more can we do?!

My investigation on this question – “What more can we do?” – has led me to realize that in addition to the $5000 per month we’re donating to Covid-19 programs for physical and spiritual hunger; there is also a call to give our TALENTS and TIME.  A call to give ourselves to the cause.

This call to give ourselves has pointed me toward mentoring the next generation. We have few “youngsters” in India (all under 30) who need guidance. Their hearts are still full of compassion and drive and with some guidance from this old man, perhaps that drive can be pointed away from selfishness and toward the greater good. These young people are already doing good but need help to stay the course.

Before masks and social distancing. With Tanika Harper Founder of The Shora Foundation

RAJ MORE – age 29 , a wonderful soul who prides himself in teaching young kids in his neighborhood at no charge, takes care of his elderly incapacitated single mother and works as public accountant. He served as translator for our administrator when he visited India and was meeting with aid organizations. Touched by his visit to a home for children, Raj made plans on the spot to come back and celebrate his birthday with the children, supplying all the cake and food for a grand party. This young man has developed leukemia. Most of his savings are gone in his very expensive chemotherapy and follow up tests and possibility of Radiation. MF has decided to act. We have started with initial contribution of $2000USD. As a physician, I can also monitor his lab results and chat with his Oncologist, whenever needed.

VANSH BHAGTANI – age 18,  is currently going through a rough patch. His parents are struggling with lock down and incomes which have dropped significantly. Vansh is a ranked tennis player and has been planning to come to the U.S. to train and study. The pandemic has turned his plans upside down. He is needing lot of emotional support, guidance on his future plans and possible educational detour. I have been available to him whenever he needs us, in time and spirit.

YAMINI BABANI – age 25,  lives in the great state of Gujarat and is already a kindred spirit at her young age. She intends to touch the poor and needy; very similar to what the foundation’s passion is. She will finish her Freelance work in next 2-3 weeks and begin a project in her city of Adipur. Yamini is working with “Karuna Vihar”, an organization that supports the basic needs of little girls (mostly orphans) locally. We’ve supported this organization in the past. We’re now planning on furthering that, since the needs are much greater because of Covid-19 . Yamini will evaluate their needs, intake in detail, report to the foundation and begin a pilot project.  Our hope is that her heart and the foundation’s philosophy will align well and we can bring her into the fold. Hopefully this will allow her to discontinue multiple freelance projects for a secure supplement to her full time wages from her tech job; while also making an impact in these precious young lives.

I was there once. I see part of myself in these young people. Sheer grit, discipline, hard work, devotion and vision brought me out of poverty; and now I intend to pay back.

Listening to presentations from teh children at ASHA for Education Mumbai

And then we will never forget our local needs; we will be reaching out (AGAIN) to mainly minority organizations in Knoxville. We want to lift up communities that have for too long been under served. The three pillars of MF are Healthcare, Education and Social Justice. We will stay true to our charter.

We are currently replenished with Blessings from our creator, our ancestors, and our benefactors……never underestimate that intangible force; FRIENDS
Haresh K. Mirani, M.D.

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