Why we love Kiva

Photo of Kiva loan recipient ©Kiva

Founded in 2015, Mirani Foundation has always followed the approach of connecting with social pilots and such organizations that can help society. Kiva is one such organization that is the top favorite of Mirani Foundation. A few reasons why Mirani Foundation loves Kiva are:

  • Kiva’s new concept of helping

Kiva instead of following an ordinary approach of helping people has found an innovative way of helping people by giving them loans. A loan gives a sense of responsibility to the requestor instead of simply accepting a donation. Kiva also encourages young entrepreneurs, businessmen, women of today, and all people to get help from the donor’s community with reasonable interests.

  • Allows microlending (donate in a part) and make microloans

Kiva works on the concept of crowdfunded banking. It allows donors to connect with borrowers on a single online platform. Donors around the world help with the required funding to the needy people. Helping hands can donate at their convenience. Many donors together can help borrowers collect their desired amount by paying as little as $25 and maximum up to the requested or remaining amount.

  • Encourages people to take ask of money with the sense to return instead of just pleading

Kiva with the help of his loan system encourages people to pay back the borrowed money to the donors back with minimum or no interest rates. This way a borrower can happily ask for money when needed and can pay it back when possible. This way Kiva is helping people form spiritual happiness and acknowledge their responsibility towards society and humaneness.

  • Reflects transparent donor-to-borrower connection on the platform

Kiva’s platform has intact transparency. Person in need can enter the amount required and description covering enough information about the reason for their need. Kiva believes in the power of words. A good description with an emotional touch is more than enough to convenience a donor to yield satisfaction and creditability for donating. Single or multiple donors together can lend the amount. Kiva also has a return ratio of 96% which itself describes the reliability of the platform. Kiva gives useful insights to all the platform donors on the donations done which can help spread awareness of the needs of borrowers and can help donors make decisions for their future donations. An example of a newsletter is attached below

  • Makes us feel good

Kiva doesn’t impose any restrictions on the donor’s side. A donor who is willing to donate can help by contributing even a little amount of the money. Kiva treats all its donors with the same respect and appreciation. Kiva makes people feel great and proud of themselves by donating or asking for help to make their dreams come true. Kiva always stands rock-solid with all its workings, supported by emails, newsletters, and related documents.

The Mirani Foundation is a proud member of Kiva’s donor community and would encourage all people to come forward and help and support people for achieving their dreams. For more information please visit https://www.kiva.org/

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