Susannah’s House

Recently Mrs. Mirani and friends spent some time volunteering at Susannah’s House. They bought groceries and prepared meals for the women and children who receive so much support there.  Susannah’s House provides critical support for mothers in recovery.  This is such an important organization providing much needed services to some of the most vulnerable members of society. Whether it’s providing funds or providing a willing hand we are always looking for opportunities to help those that are helping others. You can learn more and volunteer at Susannah’s House website.

To paraphrase their own description – Susannah’s House is an Intensive Outpatient Recovery Program for mothers in recovery.  They exist to serve the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of mothers and their children. Our mission is to provide a source of help and hope in a therapeutic, Christian community for women and their children to break adverse cycles and rebuild their families.

They provide a nurturing and therapeutic environment for individuals and families to achieve sobriety, enhance mother and child relationships, and build better life skills while promoting spiritual growth. They believe destructive cycles can be broken and want to serve women who have the desire and commitment to change. Our program is a holistic set of modules for mothers determined to recover from opioid addiction and establish a safe and supportive family system. Susannah’s House is staffed with professionals in recovery and social services fields and is supported by volunteers from the Knoxville community.

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