Why we like Kiva.org

While the Mirani Foundation cherishes the opportunity to donate funds to several worthy organizations we also love the model that Kiva.org provides. We are able to make an impact by working with others to provide the capital needed for small businesses around the world. Each micro-loan provides a hand-up to those working to improve their lives and community through entreprenuership or other improvement. Bonus: As the loans are repaid we get to do it all over again!!

Here’s a couple of stories from our many Kiva loans:

A loan of $125 helped to buy piglets and feed.

Marie Espérance’s story

Marie Espérance is a hard-working, 54-year-old woman. She is a widow and has six children, of whom three are already grown. She receives some money from her three adult children to help take care of the family. This support is not enough to ensure a better future for the three younger children. 

Marie Espérance joined Vahatra three months ago to take out loans. Recently, she took out a loan to raise pigs.

 With her profits, she was able to stock 170 kilograms of rice to ensure that they have food during the hungry gap. Dreaming of better living conditions, she needs financial support to advance. She wants to buy piglets and feed with her loan. 

Marie Espérance hopes that one day her children will not go without and that the family will have financial autonomy.

Marie Espérance has already begun to repay her loan and that enable the Mirani Foundation to make additional loans available to people like Babita, whose story is below.

picture of Kiva loan recipient

A loan of $450 helped to purchase rice, candles, soap, etc.

Babita’s story

Babita is a 39-year-old married woman who resides in the district of Manipur, Imphal West. She has a household of 5 family members and a monthly family income of 12,000 INR. 

Babita wishes to expand her grocery store business by purchasing more raw materials such as rice, candles, soap, biscuits, etc. 

She has approached Chanura, one of Milaap’s field partners for a loan amount of 30,000 INR. She and her family will be ever grateful to their lenders.


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