Hari Aasro Trust

It’s been our honor to support the Hari Aasro Trust. Please take some time and watch the video below to experience the work of this important organization. You might even catch Dr. Mirani dancing a bit.
The Hari Aasro Trust provides day activities for young people with mental impairments. By giving the young people a place where they can express themselves and learn to live to their potential, it also allows their families to know that they can take care of jobs and other duties in confidence that their children are cared for.

About Hari Aasro  – registered in 1991, with certain aims & objects with the blessing of Maa Haridevi. It Started special school for Mentally Handicapped Children in Mandal building, named -Hari Aasro Bal Vihal, later it was named – “Upaasana” -Hari Aasro. (Recognisied by Government of Gujarat). It shifted to beautifull new own building in 1994, which is build on 1.4 acres open land.


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