Mind Blowing Recovery Story

Dr. Mirani had a car accident that changed his life. He has gone through multiple surgeries including an artificial ankle implant after ankle failure from many surgeries. Dr. DeOrio of Duke University performed the implant surgery. During a consultation before the ankle implant surgery, DeOrio warned Dr. Mirani that these ankle implants are typically done for mostly women patients 100-120 lbs, mostly in their 60’s and 70s and mostly people who just want to live pain-free and fairly inactive. The artificial ankle is not designed for someone who is 6’2” who lives and active lifestyle and wants to travel around the world. Dr. DeOrio made Dr. Mirani sign his life away and agree to stop playing tennis, a sport that Dr. Mirani has a passion for.  He wouldn’t do the surgery without this agreement. Dr. Mirani signed the agreement and went through with the surgery and took 6 months to recover.

He didn’t play tennis during those 6 months while he healed from his surgery. He went through a considerable amount of depression. What good is his ankle if his life isn’t worth living. So he got back into playing tennis. Needless to say, he didn’t tell his doctor as he would have fired him as a patient. And since there are only 2 doctors who perform ankle implants Dr. Mirani couldn’t be fired as a patient. He would see his doctor every 6 months to a year. Last year in June, when he saw his doctor who does his usual very careful exam with x-rays. In June of 2015 after the x-rays he said you are developing cysts, at least 2, maybe 3 inside the bone where the implant is. “Are you playing tennis?”, the doctor asked. Dr. Mirani couldn’t lie and admits to playing tennis. The doctor said, “Let me tell you something. You are going to stop today. You are going to come back next spring and I am going to re x-ray it. These cysts are going to most likely get worse no matter what you do even you if stop playing tennis.” That’s just how it works. Once you find those cysts they get worse.

That was tough news for Dr. Mirani. He came back home and meditated to get some answers. He has a toolbox. In his toolbox he has a hand full of ace in the holes. Meditation, acupuncture, reiki, visualization. He wanted to know what he needed to do. What came to him during the meditations is that he was supposed to visualize this:

“Our bodies all the time, new cells are forming and releasing into the bloodstream and the same number have died. That happens ongoing. Those can be skin, white blood cells, red blood cells. Constantly being recycled. There are bone cells, osteoblast formed inside the bone marrow. They took out bone cells from the hip and put them in the ankle during the first surgery. These bone cells are forming for everybody. How about if I can focus them to go and start filling those holes that have formed inside my ankle. So I started this process of visualizing during my meditation that those osteoblast as they are coming out of the bone marrow and into the bloodstream that they are going towards those holes that have been formed. And if that process happens all the time then is it possible that those cysts won’t get bigger and if you stretch it to another level would those cysts eventually shrink. Because those osteoblasts are going to those cavities and those cavities will eventually get smaller.”

Dr. Mirani started seeing a local hypnotist to help this process take birth. He started doing the hypnosis process during his meditation every single morning after his trip to India. Two weeks ago he went back to Duke for his regular check up. He gets his regular x-rays. He anxiously waits for the doctor to tell him the verdict. The doctor comes in and looks at his x-ray, compares the old x-rays and says to the nurse, “Are these his x-rays?” They confirm that they are his x-rays. He said I thought you had cysts. He compares the old and new x-rays. The x-rays confirm that the cysts have disappeared. The doctor was speechless. He had not seen anything like that. He confirmed again and again. Dr. Mirani told him what he had been doing with meditation and visualization. He said, “Ok whatever you are doing this is not how it works.” Dr. Mirani says, “I know. I am an MD too. I understand, but this is what we got.” And he said, “You know what? This may be a reportable case.” The doctor gave him a laundry list of forms to fill out to send to the FDA. Dr. Mirani isn’t interested in being reported. He is just happy his cysts are gone. The kicker is Dr. Mirani never stopped playing tennis. The doctor now understands that Dr. Mirani will never listen to him when it comes to playing tennis. The fact is the cysts are gone and this is a physically impossible miracle that has happened within the past 6 months.

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