Government’s Pattern of Displayed Racism

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After peering back into history and learning what government stands for, people of today need to first know that government was originally founded by a group of men dissatisfied with the original drafters the United States Constitution. Government had a problem with every day people and/or its citizen having the rights to be protected against all forms of harm and danger and they were in hopes that every man would not want to be free. Government continued their branches of their powers because each state wanted a piece of the political pie by giving names to these different legislative so they can continue to have and display their false power among every day citizens.[pullquote]God used man to write his original script called the bible. Then man tried to improve God’s message by adding the United States Constitution to help assist in covering all the things that was not covered.[/pullquote] Positive proof of this would be to look at the today’s titles, courts, department of justice (aka and means its justice for them who works in government when the public gets out of hand and becomes a public nuisance of exposing them) of their acts of violence and conspiracy to harm people from behind the scenes, when government has always known that the first set of laws originally came from God and not man. If government can’t control and make money off of any subject matter than they really don’t want the public to know that it’s all about them as a business of organized crime. Oh yeah government advertise that they are for the people but they failed to say, who or what people they are for because it surely not for every day citizens. But yet they want to control everything that they can get their hands on. It’s almost like trying to control an out of control child by taking their toys away.

God used man to write his original script called the bible. Then man tried to improve God’s message by adding the United States Constitution to help assist in covering all the things that was not covered. History has also shown that selective men of the original Caucasian that was a part of government worn white sheets to cover up their acts of violence towards the black man just because of the skin that this type of man was born in. Just because the man is black these white don’t need a legitimate reason being black is a good a reason enough to find all kinds of faults.

In today’s courts the covered white men are called judges and prosecutors. The homework has already been done that a large amount of today’s judges has a lot of black history and racism that still needs to be accounted for. So when are they going to put themselves behind their own bars for breaking the original laws that God had already set?

Let’s look at today’s public display of government bad behaviors: (1). A young black man named Trayvon Martin was an every day kid wearing a sweat shirt that had a hood on it carrying a bag of candied skittles and had to be shot by out of control Hispanic man named Zimmerman. You see the people of government was proud of Zimmerman because behind the public’s back they did the necessary paperwork for Zimmerman to never serve any time because Zimmerman did government a big favor of killing another black. Folks don’t look at the race of Zimmerman look at the race of the judges and prosecutors of the case, because that is where the real answer and truth will be told in the subject matter. This pattern started in February of 2012, people of government waited to see how the every day citizens were going to react to the matter.

By not convicting Zimmerman which was part of the people of government’s plan. These people in governmental power wanted the city to be torn up in rage so they can find a reason to raise their taxes to support the citizen acts of violence and make the city pay for them to continue their acts of conspiracy and acts of crimes behind the scene of their governmental offices. [pullquote]Not wishing any person any bodily harm but if anyone who spots Zimmerman on the streets got legal rights to kill him…[/pullquote] and call it self defense because this is how government started this pattern. In due time Zimmerman is a free and a marked man and these people of government cannot afford to protect him for the rest of his life.

Pattern number two, August 9, 2014 when the white police officer Darren Wilson shot and killed another young black man named Michael Brown. Behind the scenes what the public is not suppose to know is the history that a jury cannot give their own opinion of the law and as sure as the sun rise and set every day I am willing to bet the people who were chosen as a jury has been paid off or they have their own history of hatred for blacks, no one bothered to investigated it and why would they…it’s just another black person to be less worried about Right?

Pattern number three, April 4, 2015 the next big story line for the shooting of another black man named Walter Scott who was unarmed and tried to leave the scene of the crime because he feared of what might happen. Here it is positive proof that not only did Michael Slager shot this man to kill him, he decided on his own feel will to stage the crime scene because he thought no one would be looking. This is what one would call premeditated acts of hatred. Will government do something? Probably not.

So what is the solution to all of these patterns of racism coming from the people of government? Can they be stopped and controlled? The answer is Yes. What does a nation of people need to do to bring back the justice that has been ripped away? We as a nation has three things that are stronger than any man made weapon that has ever been invented, those two things are: (1). Our Voice and (2). Power of the Pen and (3) Bring together the masses of people from these three states and start the march, not in there state where the problem started, start the march in Washington DC. Why? because the main office of jurisdiction comes from Washington they have the power to instruct their control state of their actions against the public of people. Have one person to start a written petition from each state to say that we the people has now spoken and we the people want these three individuals to be indicted without delay  and mail it with a certified notice of receipt. Then if no answer is given we the people can start our voice with a peaceful march to sit on the steps of the floor until these person has been properly captured. If one million people start going to Washington and hold the head office responsible. Folks let not fear be your reason for not acting, let your knowledge of 500 million people that covers the United States and there are only 500,000 people who work in government and does not believe in United States Constitution. We the people of every day citizenship out numbers people of government by ten to one. This statement puts the power back to where it originally belongs in the hands of the people because it will be our written voices that make a difference in real power that will always take care of us.


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