…usually when Mummy and I arrived, dusty and tired, at Adipur station, the family would be assembled in full strength to greet us. Granddad would tend to stand aloof and regard me from a distance, and with circumspection, observing carefully … Read More

Peter Baxter

In 2013 Peter Baxter and Doctor Haresh Mirani met on the MS Expedition West Africa Cruise where Doctor Mirani was a passenger and Peter Baxter a guest lecturer. Peter Baxter is an author, historian, African traveler and sometime guide, who … Read More


Why does Mount Kilimanjaro feature so prominently in the personal philosophy of Doctor Haresh Mirani? Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa, and probably one of the most accessible of the world’s big mountains. It is located in Tanzania, just … Read More

Doctor Haresh K Mirani

The partition of India was one of those epoch changing events of modern history that have tended in recent years to slip out of public consciousness. The British controlled India until 1947, whereupon independence was given to both India and … Read More