Susannah’s House

Recently Mrs. Mirani and friends spent some time volunteering at Susannah’s House. They bought groceries and prepared meals for the women and children who receive so much support there.  Susannah’s House provides critical support for mothers in recovery.  This is … Read More

An Update from ASHA Mumbai

The Mirani Foundation has been a long-time supporter of ASHA for Education’s Mumbai chapter. We love getting updates from them. The past few months have been challenging for them but fortunately in a good way. They have expanded their reach … Read More

Why we like

While the Mirani Foundation cherishes the opportunity to donate funds to several worthy organizations we also love the model that provides. We are able to make an impact by working with others to provide the capital needed for small businesses … Read More

Building a Stronger Community

The Mirani Foundation is committed to helping organizations that are breaking the cycle of poverty. We see education as the key to accomplishing that goal. That’s why we have been proud to support the Shora Foundation’s mission to provide educational … Read More

Supporting Education with The Shora Foundation

The Mirani Foundation has partnered with the Shora Foundation to support their efforts to provide crucial after school programs for children in under served communities in East Knoxville. Many children from this area face great hardships and lack of opportunity. … Read More

Supporting Trees Knoxville

Trees Knoxville’s mission is to preserve and increase the urban tree canopy on the private and public land of Knoxville and Knox County. We share the goal of many great cities across the country to grow a vital and healthy urban … Read More

Presenting the donation to SEEED Knox

Thank you to everyone that supported our program of Classical Indian Dance. The program was a huge success, especially for our first ever program of this kind. We were able to raise funds for our 2 causes that exceeded our … Read More

2018 Visit to ASHA for Education Mumbai

I was fortunate to be able to make a trip home to Mumbai again this year. Visiting with family and old friends and reconnecting with the place of my birth is always rejuvenating and grounding.  Each winter I hope to … Read More

A Successful Program

Our program of Classical Dances of India was a huge success. The audience was entertained with a wonderful performance of traditional dances accompanied by a live orchestra of very talented musicians. Attendance exceeded our expectations with an estimated crowd of … Read More