Being a helping hand at the time of need: Mirani Foundation for South India

Mirani Foundation for South India

Mirani Foundation helping flood-affected areas in South India

The central and southern states of India, have always been affected by heavy floods, especially in the last few years. Heavy rains affected particularly Andra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka where the people experienced a lot of damage during rainfalls. According to media reports, in November 2020 deadly floods targeted Andra Pradesh after cyclone Nivar damaged lands, homes, and fields of nearby farmers and poor people.

Hundreds of roads and over 100,000 hectares of crops have been damaged across the 3 districts. The continuing heavy flooding in the Godavari river affected over 74,000 people in parts of East and West Godavari districts in Andhra Pradesh and the union territory of Puducherry causing extensive damage to the life of people. With the lockdown coming into force from March 2020 the floods compounded the bad things that keep happening.

Mirani Foundation for South India

A local organization from the town of Amalapuram in the state of Andra Pradesh named HVWA (Humane Voluntary Welfare Organization) reached out to Mirani Foundation asking for help. HVWA and the Mirani Foundation had worked together in the past year to provide learning materials, school uniforms, and shoes to over 90 children in the poorest communities around Amalapuram. When our trusted friends at HVWA reached out we knew we had to find out how we can help.

Mirani Foundation keeping in mind the seriousness of the situation took immediate actions. Mirani Foundation decided to get first-hand information and hence decided to send one of its coordinators from India to analyze the situation and is proud to let you all know that the Mirani Foundation was able to help feed 34 poor families. This project prevented starvation among several poor families by providing them essential food items consisting of Pulses, Oil, Turmeric, Salt and Mirchi, etc. The support reached 34 of the most marginalized families in Kandavallivaripeta, Nellivaripeta, and Mukkamala Kaluvagattu areas of Amalapuram division of East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh.

Mirani Foundation for South India

 Mirani Foundation is thankful to HVWA and its volunteers for playing an active role and work with complete dedication for helping feed the poorest and most vulnerable daily wagers, casual laborers, migrant & agriculture workers, hawkers who are facing a livelihood crisis. 

 End of the line: This COVID-19 outbreak and the consequent lockdowns affected millions of migrant workers who were left without jobs. With the support of the Humane Voluntary Welfare Association (HVWA) and the volunteers, Mirani Foundation was able to support and provide essential food items to needy people who are struggling due to Covid Pandemic and deadly floods.

 About HVWA:

HVWA is a woman-held social non-profit organization working towards sustainable development of marginalized sections of society particularly women and to build progressive self-reliant rural communities, with a holistic approach, by providing services in the areas of healthcare, environment, sanitation, primary education, adult literacy, and skills development. The organization currently works to transform in 3 districts of Andhra Pradesh viz; East Godavari, Krishna, and West Godavari. To know more or help this admirable organization, click here.

Mirani Foundation working for Health, Education & Social Justice believes in supporting and uplifting people in some of the most disadvantaged communities in the developed and developing world. To know more about Mirani Foundation’s programs conducted aimed at COVID-19, click here.

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