Support for Sankara Eye Foundation

I was happy when our friends at Sankara Eye Foundation asked for us to record a short testimonial video. I have been a proud supporter of their work for quite some time. They asked for a short video – about 30-60 seconds so that’s what we made for them but I wanted to say so much more about what they do and how important their work is. Here’s a somewhat longer version – a little over 2 minutes.

I grew up in India and became a doctor there before  coming to the U.S. I saw first hand so many cases of unnecessary blindness during my schooling and internship. What I mean is – cases of blindness that are easily fixable but so often left untreated. Glaucoma and cataracts primarily and it’s a tragedy that often poverty alone leaves someone in darkness.

When I heard about SEF and what they were accomplishing how could I not support them! I have also had the privilege to see first-hand how SEF brings patients from distant villages where the person has lived in darkness unable to provide for themselves.

They’re able to cure these cases of blindness for under $30 per surgery!! That’s unheard of.  And it’s not just the surgery but also, transport to the hospital and home again and all after care.  They’re given food and medical care and when recovered they’re taken back home to rejoin their families with their eyesight restored!

I’ve supported SEF for several years. Even deciding one year to provide funds for one surgery per day for an entire year! It was such a blessing to wake up every morning here in the U.S. and know that in India – nine and half hours ahead – that someone’s sight had been restored. That is the power of giving.  SHAME ON ME – AND OTHERS WHO CAN AFFORD THIS –  for not doing more.

I wish more people would look at this(with or without eyes) in rich countries and GIVE, to the blind. Any one with spiritual bent can experience personal enrichment and the feeling could enhance the spiritual/ physical health. There is now increasing evidence as to how the 2 are connected and intertwined, within.

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