COVID-19: an epidemic with lesson

In my opinion, shared before in an article The Whisper of God: The uncommon journey of a common man, I mentioned that there are three phases of life: learning, earning and returning. Each person can be in any one stage, or a combination, but now in the time of COVID-19, we will all need to start our returning phase. It is time for us to give what others need and help each other. It may be money, strength, positivity, or some other thing, now is the time we should come together to take on this matter of life and death.

COVID-19 has stopped the fast-moving world and has made humankind to sit and home and challenge ourselves. Along with the number of negative impacts COVID-19 have in our lives, it has bought some positivity too!

  1. A much-needed break: Running with all the exhaustion, completing daily chores and dedicating long hours of the day for work for so many years made us forgot the true essence of living a life – family, health and happiness. The crisis has made us sit at home and live a life we were always dreaming of.
  2. Finding yourself: It was hard for a working person to find time for sitting at the cosy corner of the couch, enjoy a cup of coffee in peace and spend time with our loved ones and families. But after this dramatic change in our lives, we can now replenish ourselves.
  3. Making health a priority: The pandemic has taught us that no gift in our life is as precious as our health. Forcing people and communities all around the world to reconsider their priorities, a task that seemed “almost impossible” before.
  4. Healing Nature: As economic activities have diminished,  nature has been freed from the slogging of modernization. Wildlife is flourishing, the skies and oceans are blooming blue, the plants and trees are thriving, and the wind is filling itself up.

For so long, we are running after success and modish dreams while forgetting the real reason for our existence. Being a medical professional, always working for the people and their health, it makes me happy to see people getting to know their inner-self and working on their health, and exploring their interests despite the arrival of COVID-19, or perhaps precisely because of its arrival.

This pandemic has taught us to focus on what is more important in our lives instead of running behind and crying for what we lack in. I hope with this COVID-19 new-normal world, we learn how to help instead of pushing people down, we learn to live with inner peace instead of living for more money, and we mean it when we say that we are balancing personal and professional lives properly.


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