Mobile Meals Knoxville

The pandemic has impacted all sectors of our society. With nearly 40 million newly unemployed nationwide, hunger has become a dire need for even more people. Hunger in America has always been an issue and the foundation has supported organizations helping to address this most basic need. Now, it is even more crucial that those groups helpig to feed our neighbors in need have the resourses they require.

Grocerys ready to go out from Mobile Meals

The Mobile Meals program serves:
hot noon meals, five days a week to Knoxville and Knox County residents who are at least 60 years old, who cannot cook for themselves and have no one to prepare meals for them.
Over 900 homebound seniors are served on 68 meal routes utilizing about 100 volunteers a day Monday – Friday. 

Mobile Meals is the Meals on Wheels program in Knoxville. They provide meals 5 days a week to senior but during this crisis they have expanded their offering to help others in need of food.  The covid-19 virus is especially dangerous to senios and many who would ordinarily be able to get out for groceries are now at risk; creating a hardship for many additional seniors. Mobile Meals has also been addressing teh needs of children in the area that no longer received meals at school due to school closures from the virus.

We’ve provided $1350 to Mobile Meals as part of our ongoing Covid-19 Response Fund Initiative.


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