June 2020 Covid-19 Response Update

June is the second month of our Covid-19 Response Fund initiative. We are committed to doing our part to ease the burden that the pandemic has brought onto the entire world. Each month through the end of the year we will be donating to organizations working to make this difficult time better for their communities.

Dr. Mirani signing donation letters for our June covid-19 response fund recipients

“Humanity is going through a very difficult time. We are in the midst of a pandemic, millions unemployed, a long awaited call to action to solve our race issues is being met with brute force by the very people who have sworn to protect and serve us. However, out of all this darkness there are many beacons of light. There are people organizing to make the necessary changes our society desperately needs. The Mirani Foundation has always sought to find those organizations that provide that beacon of hope to the world.” Dr. Haresh Mirani

Body and spirit need support through these times. This month the foundation is continuing support for groups providing much needed food assistance but we’re also supporting groups that are feeding the soul. Below is a list of our June recipeints, all are linked if you’d like to offer support to these fine organizations.

A total of $5000 was distributed to our June recipients:

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