Covid-19 Response Fund

If there was ever a time for those that are able to step up and help those in need it is now. Let me share with you what I’ve shared with my family as we look for ways to make an impact during these difficult times.

In my 67 yrs, I’ve never experienced a pandemic and my prayer is, that none of us ever goes through it again. Damage is going to be enormous, permanent, life-changing; I dare say World-changing. Human race has made enormous progress since I was born. Rates of extreme poverty have dropped by 80%, if you exclude African Continent.
However this material progress has come at the cost of Human spirit. Nature has a way of prevailing. Die is cast and damage is happening….hopefully recoverable. Thankfully Mirani Foundation is there to help. We will play our part and be in the roster of organizations who participated and din’t just watch people suffer, many die. What a role model for the next generations of Mirani’s. I am proud to be a part of Mirani Foundation and so should we all.

Our plan began simply and has grown now so that we will be able to extend our help through the end of the year with donations totally $5000 per month going to organizations helping those struggling through this global pandemic. We began in earnest in May 2020 and will continue through December of 2020. It’s our hope that we’ll be able to make people’s lives easier as we navigate a once in a lifetime crisis.

The Foundation’s Covid-19 Response is underway! The first round of giving has gone out. The donations will provide meals for those in need in Knoxville and Atlanta as well as nationally. Well over half of the funds ($2900) went to providing food for those impacted by the pandemic and those already struggling with food insecurity.

Additionally in this first month of the program, we’re supporting abused women, children’s cancer research and providing educational tools for children.

Quite an impact!!

Our May 2020 donations:
Local Aid Organizations:
Susannah’s House – $500
Mobile Meals – Knoxville – $600
Meals on Wheels – Atlanta – $600
Open Hand Atlanta – $600
Fish Hospitality Pantries – $600

National Aid Organizations:
St. Jude – $200
Covenant House  – $600
Direct Relief – $400
First Book – $400
No Kid Hungry – $500 (matching funds from Pepsi make impact $1000)

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