HVWA – Amalapuram

We’ve been pleased with the efforts of Humane Welfare Volunteers Association and have provided multiple grants to support their efforts. In 2018 the Mirnai Foundation provided grants to provide books and school supplies for over 90 children in rural schools near Amalapuram, Andrah Pradesh, India. These schools have very little and serve a community that has a great deal of poverty. The 90 children served by HVWA are some of the poorest in their community. Many live in open air, thatched roof, homes.

Our friends at HVWA sent us some pictures of the children receiving their school supplies and that sparked another way the Mirani Foundation could offer our help. The Mirani family noticed that many of the children in the picture didn’t have shoes or a proper school uniform. So we asked our friends how we could help. They provided us with a proposal for providing shoes and uniforms for 90 children in 4 different schools and a new program was started.



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