UUNIK Academy ACT Prep

UUNIK Academy A.C.T. Test Prep

Our friends at UUNIK Academy recently completed their A.C.T. test presp sessions. We were happy to provide the funds for their meal breaks during the sessions.  It’s hard to study when you’re hungry! UUNIK Academy has been doing exceptional work lifting up children in the community through a focus on education and personal accountability.  It’s not just learning how to test but how to live.

As their mission statement states – Our mission is to implement principles that will transform youth into respectful and responsible adults. We will create an environment conducive to developing life skills, a strong sense of leadership and community amongst UUNIK participants.

The Mirani Foundation is committed to supporting organizations like UUNIK Academy that not only educate but help shape children’s lives.

Learn more about UUNIK Academy at their website uunikacademy.org and you’ll see why we are proud to support their efforts.  If you or a family memeber are looking for help preparing for college UUNIK Academy offers other opportunities for test prep and help with the FAFSA. There are a few open dates remaining for the 2019 academic year.

2019 ACT/FAFSA (Fall) Act Prep is an effort to prepare and provide successful strategies to master the ACT Test. We also provide strategies for local youth to successfully compete for scholarships and complete their collegiate careers. October 5th, 12th, and 19th  at Pellissippi St Community College (Magnolia Ave.) 1610 E. Magnolia Ave Knoxville, TN 37917

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