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Asha Foundation is a non-profit with locations all over India. They provide after school hours assistance for local children. During that time they teach them certain skills such as computer skills, reading skills, English and participate in local bicycle races. While in India Dr. Mirani visited the Asha Foundation in Mumbai which is where he is from. He wanted to make sure that the donations were going directly to the Mumbai location. He is sending $1,000 to the central office in India and that money is then sent to the Mumbai location. In the last week, the Mumbai location just received their first donation from the Mirani Foundation. They are using that money to pay for monitors, tablets for the children, additional bicycles for the girls and ping pong tables for after school activities. The funds have really started in the right direction. The Asha Foundation will be sending a report in 3 months the Mirani Foundation will increase the funding according to how the needs are being met. 

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  1. My name is Mrs. Murthy and i have done some performances in michigan for asha for education. I now live in Knoxville,Tn and run a dance school here. Would Asha for Education be interested in doing a program to raise funds for the Asha for Education in the near future here in Knoxville. I am talking about a Bharatha Natyam and Kuchipudi program with my daughter as the main dancer (she is 26 and has also performed for Asha before) with live orchestra. The costs for the orchestra has to be included in the cost factor. Whatever remains will be given to your organization for the charity. I would like to further discuss this with person in charge of the chapter here in Knoxville. Please contact me for further info.
    Thank you
    Mrs. Murthy

    • Robert Pearce says:

      Hello Mrs. Murthy,
      I’m the website admin. I’ll be meeting with Dr. Mirani soon and will pass along your information.

  2. I have already contacted your organization.