Dr. Mirani Visits Hari Aasro Trust

Dr. Haresh Mirani made the long journey to India where he will be spending the next 2 months working directly with the children to provide them with medical care, food and the items they need for their education. His first stop was the Hari Aasro Trust Institute for Mentally Handicapped Children in Adipur, India. Hari Aasro was founded in 1991 to offer skill training, counseling, behavior management, medical services, speech, physical and occupational therapy and recreational activities to the mentally handicapped children of the community.

In the video above, Dr. Mirani tells more about the Hari Aasro Trust Institute. To follow Dr. Mirani’s journey in India subscribe to the blog. You can also subscribe to the Mirani Foundation YouTube channel and like the Facebook page for more updates.

Hari Aasro Trust

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